What is BCASH?

BCASH is a decentralized ecosystem in financial.

Bcash focuses on the areas of payment and application expansion for financial organisations to develop their own blockchain network and follow the process that businesses desire in the ecosystem of BCASH.

Bcore allows you to create asset, asset input into blockchain, and export assets easily allowing financial institutions to connect customers with business processes.

The Bcash network features instant transacting with 6seconds for 6 validations. Secure transaction information with incognito mode, network expansion model, and protocol driven by a full self-managed node. Bcash is a free and open source blockchain project. Its two-tiered network architecture offers significant improvements in transaction speed, anonymity, and governance.

PrivateSend gives you real financial privacy by hiding the source of your money. All dashes in your wallet include different "inputs" that you may think of as distinct, separate currencies. PrivateSend uses an innovative process to combine your inputs with the inputs of two other people, without your coins ever leaving your wallet. You always control your money.

What is BCASH?
How it works?
BCASH Eplatform

E-Commerce is a huge market that is highly potential but not thriving due to poor user technology and security. Bcash's solution will override the current downsides of the payment gateway and change the user habits that drive e-commerce development worldwide.

Payment Buttons
Add a Bcash payment option to your website - just copy and paste a few lines of script.

Shopping Cart Plugins
Use one of our popular e-commerce plug-ins to seamlessly enable Bcash blockchain payments on your website.

Embeddable Invoices
Display an invoice directly on your website and let customers pay without leaving the page.

Billing & Invoicing
Bill clients electronically and receive payment instantaneously. No waiting times, no paper required.

Scheduled Billing
Invoice on a one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.


Bcore is designed for developers to foster innovation and creativity of the enterprise.

Bcore operates service as a general ledger that allows businesses to track assets and transfer balances in the form of token.

The enterprise manages its financial assets in a secure, transparent manner in a separate accounting token form on its own account, with fast, instantaneous transactions and transfers over public networks.

Bcore is the connectivity technology that brings the real world into blockchain

Bcash Pay

With Bcashpay you can pay anywhere you want

Connect to truly borderless payment networks with Bcash and multi-cryptocurrencies. Receive payment in any amount, from anywhere in the world, from any computer or mobile device.
Other payment methods force customers and businesses to shoulder the risks and costs of payment fraud. With Bcashpay, customers can pay without handing over sensitive personal information, and refunds are made through the merchant without any chargebacks.

Features available in bcashpay:

  • Direct Bank Deposit
  • Cryptographically Secure API
  • URI and QR Code Invoices
  • Ledger Payment Tracking
  • Asset conversion
  • Auto invest

Bridging between cash and cryptocurrency.

Load local cash using your Bcash wallet and spend anywhere, The Bcash Card is one of the fastest, easiest way to turn your Bcash and cryptocurrency into local fiat currency.

Bcash Card provides services to large enterprises and businesses as well as full integration with Mastercard, Visa & Unionpay.

Bcash Pay

Bcash ATM is part of the Bcash ecosystem.

The initial installation of Bcash ATM is expected to be more than 1000 machines worldwide for the implementation of non-card spending and noncash plan in developing countries.

The mission of the Bcash ATM network is to provide better liquidity and convenience to the cryptocurrency community. It contributes towards the solution of non-cash and non-card payments in the future.

Alternate Text

Bcash merchants are an indispensable ingredient in a non-cash economy.
Bcash brings merchants to a safer new form of payment, and cheaper current POS solutions.

Main functions:

  • Mobile Point of Sale App
  • Multiple User Capability
  • Web-Based merchants
  • Direct POS Integrations
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Bcash Coin is Digital Cash
Low volatility with the self-regulating mechanism of supply and demand of the masternode network
Fast transaction time, only 2 to 6 seconds
Completely anonymous
The ability to adjust and expand through the voting platform

Inflation and growth:
Unlike Bitcoin 4 year block reward of 50% reduction makes network instability high
Bcash's rebate will decrease by 10% annually to ensure controlled inflation and 10% is the expected annual growth of the economy in Bcash ecosystem.

Decentralized Governance by Blockchain, or DGBB, is Bcash's attempt to solve a critical problem in cryptocurrency: governance


Social Network

Wallet App

A cryptocurrency wallet stores the public and private keys which can be used to receive or spend
the cryptocurrency. A wallet can contain multiple public and private key pairs.

10 Reasons Why choose BcashPay?

Bcore as a 3rd layer blockchain of the BcashPay network helping to connect the real world on the blockchain, now goverment ,enterprise, And financial institutions can use blockchain with creativity and ease, how can you imagine the world will change as everything can be moved on the blockchain from cash, securities, bonds, to your passport.
With BcashPay you do not have to wait for the development team to build the Mainnet and get your coin (it’s COIN, not Token). You will get the number of BcashPay coin you bought immediately to your BcashPay wallet address, because blockchain BcashPay is live.